About Me

As part of my self induced therapy, I started blogging the story of my abusive marriage (Battered Wife Seeking Better Life).  I had no idea what kind of territory I was entering.  I had no expectations.  Just wanted to get things off of my chest…say them out loud, so to speak.   Before I knew it, this virtual diary became a comfort zone not only in telling my story but in reading others’ stories.  All of a sudden, I wasn’t alone.  I held on to my secret of abuse for so long.  Of course, I knew there were others but I had no idea they were speaking out.  Never did I imagine the multitude of women telling their stories.  Stories that resembled mine.  They understood me, what I was going through and they did not judge me.  Instead, they offered support and a shoulder to lean on.  I was taken aback by the response to my words and I was even more surprised when men started reading and reaching out with understanding and compassion.

I am three months into this virtual journey of online therapy sessions.  So much has changed inside of me.  I feel lighter.  My burden is lifting and I am no longer embarrassed of my situation.  I feel confident that this was exactly the way I was meant to start on my path to freedom.  I chose to stay, however, there was always an end date.  That day is coming soon.  It will probably come faster then I am prepared for.  Even though my blogging has been truly cathartic there is still work that needs to be done.

The reason for me starting this sister-blog is for those of you who have gotten out…walking, running, escaping.  I need to hear your stories.  We need to hear your stories.  All of the women (and men) who are still in an abusive relationship thinking they are never going to get out need to know…they can.  Where there is a will there is a way and if you can do it. then maybe…I can.  Maybe…we all can.


5 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I really do hope you are okay and have successfully gotten out of your marriage and are doing well.

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