LeAnna’s Story…

My reason for creating Your Path to Peace was specifically to focus in on that one moment in time when someone who has been abused takes those scary fateful steps and leaves their abuser.  Although reading the survival stories are tremendously inspirational, I think knowing what exactly it was that drove them to muster up their very last ounce of courage and make that decision to go is equally as important.  It’s important to me and for those of us that are still behind enemy lines, waiting to use up our last ounce.

I came across this video today, and although it is not regarding “escaping the abuser” per se, it is amazing to see how far one of our own has come and the fact that she decided to use her voice on a national level means a lot.  Please take 3 minutes of your time and watch this video clip.

Watch Here: State Senator LeAnna Washington

Follow the Senator on Twitter @Sen_Washington

If you are interested in sharing your story here…please email me at bwseekingbl@mail.com


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